Sheep Casing / Hides Preservative Grade

Leather is developed using animal skin and hides. These skins and hides are chemically treated to preserve quality and texture. This process is known as tanning. After going through this process, the leather becomes strong, flexible, and is able to resist decay. Different animal skins and hides are used to make leather which includes horses, cattle, goats, cows, calves, lambs, deer, kangaroos, reptiles, seals, and walruses.

The Sheep Casing Grade of salt is used mainly to preserve the sheep casings in Pakistan to later use for the manufacturing of leather. Salt has been used as a preservative for meat and fish products for thousands of years, throughout the world. In Pakistan, sheep casing industries use this salt, along with other techniques, to preserve sheep casings. Markhor Salt Co plays its role as the supplier of excellent quality salt, here as well.

Typical, Sieve Analysis or Mesh Size Distribution (MSD) used in this grade is between 2 mm and 0.5mm.

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