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Can I Get A Sample Of Your Products?

Our samples are free of cost but shipping would be charged from the customer.

Where Can I View Your Price List?

You can send us an email asking for a price list of required products by providing your company details (name, website, and contact number) and one of our marketing representatives will get back to you with the price list.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Our payment terms are 40% advance payment to initiate production, Balance of 60% is paid against scan copies of Bill of Lading & Invoice by email. All payment transactions through the bank.

Please be noted that our payment policy may vary from region to region.

Where Can I Get Your Company’s Quality Assurance Certificates?

International Quality Standards are implemented in our business practice. We have a number of certifications that can be provided upon request.

Where Can I View Analysis Report For Himalayan Rock Salt?

Analysis Reports are provided on request, if someone requires samples to view our COA, Contact us so that the sample report can be disclosed to you.

What Should I Do If Some Items Arrive Damaged?

If some items arrive damaged, then you are requested to make a complaint in writing with reference pictures within 15 working days on receipt of goods at destination stated on the face hereof.

Can You Quote CNF Or CIF Prices?

We normally quote FOB Karachi prices and Ocean Freight separately but CNF and CIF prices can also be provided once we have the expected order quantity and name of the destination sea port.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Normally, we accept orders with a minimum quantity of 20’ container load. Contact us if you are looking for less than a container load quantity.

Can I Arrange Shipping For My Order?

Yes, you can arrange to ship by yourself. We would need the contact details of your shipping agent in order to schedule and obtain an empty container for shipment.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Packaging Available?

Salt Lamps, Candle Holders, Cooking Blocks & Animal Licks are offered in bulk packaging as well as individual box packaging of Brown, White & Printed Boxes. The artwork has to be provided by the customer for printing.

Edible & Bath Salt has a wide range of packaging options, Consumer pack includes a Standing/Standup Pouch, a Cardboard box, etc., and a bulk pack in 25kg, 50kg, 500kg, or 1000kg bags.

Custom packaging can also be fulfilled on request.

What Is The Quality Of Electric Cords Used?

Markhor Salt Co. provides authentic quality electric cords certified from Intertek (ETL) under UL and CSA standards. Certified electric cords for other regions are also available.

About Himalayan Salt

What Is The Difference Between Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt?

The Himalayan Rock Salt by Markhor Salt Co. unlike regular sea salt is free from rigorous refining processes and artificial additives. With its utmost purity, naturally occurring iodine, unique color, versatility, and multiple uses for health and wellness, our nourishing Himalayan Rock Salt, having the combined goodness of 84 elements including essential trace minerals, offers a lot that table salt can’t.

What Are The Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt has a wide variety of health benefits, thanks to its unadulterated nature and the combined richness of 84 naturally occurring elements. Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to emit negative ions which are also known as vitamins of the air. The Himalayan salt can also have an energizing effect when consumed in a diluted solution called SOLE early morning. It is quickly replacing regular sea salt in many homes, thanks to its nourishing properties and pure nature.

What Is The Source/Origin Of Himalayan Rock Salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt originates from ancient sea deposits inside the Salt range, foothills of Himalayas Range in Pakistan, the only genuine source of pure Himalayan Salt. Most of the salt is extracted from Khewra Salt Mines in Punjab province, other salt mines include Warcha Salt Mines and Kalabagh Salt Mine.

Where Is The Salt Range Located?

The Khewra Salt Mines are a part of the Salt Range, foothills of the Himalayas located in Punjab Province of Pakistan. These are Pakistan’s largest, and the world’s second-largest salt mines, and are also a major tourist attraction.